Scraper API for Scraping Website

FREE scraper site API handles browsers, and Render, so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call!

Lightning fast

Response times are everything. Our API is among the fastest you'll find in the industry.


Our API always provides enough performance, how many requests you send 1 minute 5 requests.

Easy-to-use API

Our scraping API returns a JSON object that contains the HTML markup of the related website.

Headless Chrome

Render your webpage as if it were a real browser. We use the latest version of Chrome with headless mode. Focus on extracting the data you need, not managing head-free browsers.

Javascript Rendering

We render JavaScript with a simple parameter so you can scan every website, even a single page application using React, Angulars, Vue.js, or any other libraries.

Rotating Proxies

Thanks to our large proxy group, you can override the price-fixing site, and reduce the chance to block and hide your robots!




Your API Key is your unique account key, that passed through the API URL's parametersapi_key={YOUR_API_KEY}. Your unique key authenticates with the Scraper site API to give you access to our Database.

Basic URL:
Passed your API key & URL:

If you dont have Scraper site API access key, you can registered here Signup (Free).

Scraper Site API Response:

  "status": true,
  "code": 200,
  "msg": "Successfully",
  "response": "<!DOCTYPE html><html>... and more"

What Clients Say

Scraper site API the documentations you have provided give me all the answers that were not clear. Thank you !!!